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horizontalbar We are a unique online development company offering web design and SEO (search engine optimization) from a British team who specialize in a variety of online services that span conception to sales revenue.

We can offer you a basic web design, right up to a complete e-commerce web site that allows you to accept payments online, along with search engine optimization and internet marketing. We have launched hundreds of successful web sites since 1995 when we were first online, both large and small, across a wide variety of industries and in many countries. Distance is not an issue in the electronic age; we can work with you no matter where you are in the world.

Our approach to web development in Costa Rica and other countries, together with our experience, separates us from normal web site design companies. Our web developers, originally from England, have a creative talent that will appeal to your taste, a technical eye for detail and online marketing experience that surpasses all others.

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Web design in Costa Rica


Custom tailored web site design, as well as web site renovation.

If your web site is currently looking below par, or it just does not bring in the desired sales, contact our web developers today and discover how we can make your web site work for you.

Each of our clients are treated individually and have specific needs and therefore we can not offer set prices on web design.

To help us to better understand the requirements of your web site, please fill out our free quote request form with as much detail as possible.

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SEO and Internet Marketing


Do you have a web site that struggles to get any visitors? Is your site on the search engines, but no one can find it? These is a very common situation especially for new web sites.

We are skilled at analyzing and researching the way that search engines, such as Google, Yahoo (Inktomi), Lycos (Hotbot) and Metacrawler 'crawl' your site.

Armed with this information we can determine what your website needs to achieve a high ranking position. High rankings in the search engines mean more traffic to your site and ultimately more revenue.

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Voice Overs and Production


Creating amazing voice overs for all types of media!

Looking for a professional voice over for your next project. Give life, elegance, and credibility to any of your media messages.

We understand how important you project is to you and you can count on us for high-quality productions, fast turn around times and a fully produced spot complete with royalty free background music. You will receive your audio sent to you in a professional format.

Simply fill out the online form and we'll quickly get back to you. More about how we can take your voice over media to the next level. >>

testominals    Testimonials

"Bizzlebox was a pleasure to work with, in creating our highly customized commercial real estate brokerage site. We're pleased with the final product and the ongoing commitment to support. A very professional firm."

Marc Schweitzer


"Working with Bizzle Box was a true enjoyment. Lesley's creativity and knowledge enhanced the entire project into something greater than I thought it could be and has in turn been a great success for me and my team. The tools she brings to the table are state of the art and user friendly which for me was a big plus. Anyone looking to start an internet business should really consult with her first as she can supply you with both the tools and knowledge to turn a good project into a great project. I look forward to working with her again in the future."

Lynx Marketing Group


"As always it's being a pleasure doing business with you. The Professionalism of your work reflects the experience of your company and this is reason why I can commit to submitting all our web designing needs to you in the future."

Femando Saenz


"This letter is to highly recommend the services of Bizzlebox as a reliable and professional website design company. They worked with me through out my project re-designed and re-organized my old website.

Lesley is a creative and talented individual, whose technical eye for detail and online marketing experience helped me to achieve my goals."

Jacqueline Ozols-Jarrell


“Punctual, responsive and reliable.
Creating this website was extremely effortless and straightforward.
Outstanding quality for great value – thanks Bizzlebox!”

Ronnie Petersson
Nordica Engineering


"We have contracted the services of Bizzlebox for both personal and professional purposes.
Lesley has put together a website for our house sale and also set up the website for several of our companies.

Lesley was extremely prompt in her response to our initial enquiry. She was totally professional and extremely patient with regard to chopping and changing of information and ideas. She completed the tasks efficiently and kept to any time limits. Her work is of an excellent standard and it was a complete pleasure working with her."

Robin Reid


Estimada Lesley y equipo de Bizzlebox,
Quiero en nombre del equipo de RQ Realty Solutions manifestarles nuestro agradecimiento y satisfacción por el trabajo y el soporte que nos han brindado durante ya este casi año desde el momento en que empezamos esta relación de trabajo con la creación de nuestra pagina web. El producto final salta a la vista pero lo que debemos reconocer que no se ve es el servicio post-venta que tan eficientemente nos has brindado. Si necesitas este agradecimiento para tu portafolio no dudes en hacerlo.
Muy agradecido por

Lic. Victor Quintero


I found Bizzlebox the perfect full-service web design company. Lesley has excellent knowledge but what was most impressive to me is how easy she was to work with and how quickly she responded to my emails.

Thank you so much Lesley! I really appreciated your work. It was a stress-free experience. I will hardly recommend your services. I'm so happy with my new website. It is just the way I wanted it! I've received so many compliments!!!



Bizzlebox Media is a Costa Rica web design company, servicing Costa Rica and outsourcing to the rest of the world for web development, search engine optimization, seo, internet marketing.